Yes! I want to reap all of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

DASH for Health Basics
The DASH for Health Program – How does it work?
The DASH for Health program is designed to help you improve your eating and exercise habits. Twice each week we will provide you with information on our website about food, food preparation, eating out, losing weight, getting fit and much more. In addition to providing new information each week on our website, we create a web page specially for you where you can track progress in areas such as your weight, blood pressure, and exercise.

What is the DASH Diet?
 • A well–balanced, easy–to–understand way of eating that gives you lots of choices
 • Scientifically proven to lower weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels
 • Recommended by top health organizations like the American Heart Association

And DASH for Health works!
We have been testing the Dash Diet for Health program with more than four thousand employees of a large US company. We proved that people who enrolled in DASH for Health lost weight (and kept it off), improved the quality of the foods they ate and significantly lowered their blood pressure. We published those results in a peer–reviewed scientific journal. Check it out for yourself: Read the article>