High Blood Pressure Diet

The DASH Diet and Healthy Blood Pressure

Lowering Blood Pressure from a High Blood Pressure to a Healthy Blood Pressure with Dr. Tom Moore

If you are looking for a way to lower your blood pressure through better eating habits, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Tom MooreI’m Dr. Tom Moore, the creator of the DASH for Health program. I have been researching and treating high blood pressure for over 25 years. I was the lead investigator on the study that proved that the DASH diet lowers blood pressure (New England Journal of Medicine 336:1117-24, 1997).*

We created DASH for Health to teach you the DASH diet and to help you benefit from its powerful effects on blood pressure. The DASH for Health program gives you all the tools you need to follow this high blood pressure diet in an easy to follow format.

Scientific proof of healthy blood pressure plus delicious food. What are you waiting for?

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