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Eat Healthier with DASH for Health by Diana Cullum Dugan

If you are looking to change your life through a healthy diet, look no further.

Diana Cullum-DuganI’m Diana Cullum-Dugan a registered dietitian with over a decade of experience. I serve as the nutrition expert for the DASH for Health program. Hundreds of my patients and clients have confirmed that changing the way you eat is a challenge. Finding just the right healthy diet program for you is difficult because food not only provides nourishment but also comfort, socialization, memories and more. In weekly messages, I share tips, tools and techniques that will help you to change your behaviors around food. The topics of these tips include menu planning, shopping for healthy foods, food preparation, eating out, quick meals and snacks, emotional eating and more. You will find that creating a healthy diet plan and healthy
eating habits is all about choosing the right foods and
proportions for you.

Once you sign up for DASH for Health you have access to hundreds of DASH diet recipes, meal plans and tips to move you toward your goal. Best of all, everything is delivered right to your inbox twice a week, so you have everything you need to keep you on track. Plus, you have access to 24/7 expert email support to help you along the way.

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