Employee Health Program

Why Choose DASH for Your Corporate Employee Health and Wellness Program?

The DASH for Health Employee Health Program is:

Credible – Created by a team of doctors and nutritionists, the DASH for Health Program has been scientifically proven to help employees lose weight, lower their blood pressure1, and spend less on healthcare2.  That’s why the USDA recommends the DASH Diet for all Americans.

Easy for Employers – DASH for Health is a “turn-key” program that is easy to implement in any size workforce with little effort from the employer.

Appeals to all Employees – DASH for Health teaches people healthy eating habits for a lifetime, so it appeals to all employees.  While it is known to lower blood pressure and promote weight loss, it is not focused on only employees with these health concerns.  It helps the unhealthy get healthy and the healthy stay healthy.

Accessible – Employees can participate in the DASH for Health program 24/7 from any computer with internet access.  No traveling to limited locations for face-to-face meetings.

Custom-Branded – We custom brand the DASH for Health website for each employer, making it clear to employees that the program is being offered as a benefit from the employer.

1 Moore et al.  Weight, Blood Pressure and Dietary Benefits after 12 months a Web-based Nutrition Education Program (DASH for Health): A Longitudinal Study.  http://www.jmir.org/2008/4/e52/

2 Sacks et al. A Web-based Nutrition Program Reduces Healthcare Costs in Employees With Cardiac Risk Factors: Before and After Cost Analysis.  http://www.jmir.org/2009/4/e43/

You can use DASH for Health in your business to:

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Current partners include:

EMCCVS CaremarkBoston UniversityDana-Farber Cancer IntituteTuffs Health PlanHarvard Pilgrim Health Care

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