About DASH for Health

The DASH for Health Program was designed to teach you the DASH diet. We give you the support, motivation and know-how to help improve your eating and exercise habits. Twice each week the website will provide new tips about food, food preparation, eating out, losing weight, getting fit and much more*. In addition to providing new information each week on the website, you can track progress in areas such as your weight, blood pressure, and exercise.

All of the nutrition advice in the DASH for Health program is based on the DASH diet.  The DASH diet has been ranked the #1 Overall Diet by US News & World Report five years in a row.  It is also recommended by the USDA, the American Heart Association and the US High Blood Pressure Guidelines (JNC7).

Enjoy the benefits of the DASH diet while still eating the foods you love!  Why wait?  Join today and get started on your way to a healthier you.

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* Individual results may vary

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